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Affordable Internet Packages

Backroads Broadband (BRB) in Corsicana, Texas, has an array of internet packages from which to choose. Simply schedule your internet installation, and we can get on it immediately with same-day response time in most cases. All CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) is mounted properly, without cutting corners, and is available to customers in the following areas:

• Angus
• Barry
• Corbet
• Dawson

• Hubbard
• Mildred
• Navarro Mills

• Northeast Corsicana
• Northwest Corsicana
• Oak Valley
• Pursley
• Richland Chambers
• Retreat
• Silver City

Backroads Broadband Internet Service Plan Pricing

Backroads Broadband Internet New Speed Restricted Service Plan Pricing All Restricted plans have upload and download speeds set so that the user gets the speed his or her plan is set to.

Faster speed plans may not be available in all areas. 

Internet Service Plans  Download/Upload Speed  Data Limit  Price
Res Bronze 5 Mbps Unlimited 5 Mbps / 2 Mbps None $55 + taxes
Res Silver 10 Mbps Unlimited 10 Mbps / 3 Mbps None $65 + taxes
Res Gold 15 Mbps Unlimited 15 Mbps / 5 Mbps None $75 + taxes
Res Platinum 20 Mbps Unlimited 20 Mbps / 5 Mbps None $85 + taxes
Res Ultimate 25 Mbps Unlimited 25 Mbps / 5 Mbps None $95 + taxes

What's due at the time of installation?:

                    1.  Contract/Installation Fee:  When you pay for the installation, you actually purchase the equipment over time. We do not rent                                             or lease it.   If the install is successful, then cost of the install will be due within 24 hours. A payment can be made by                                             check/cash given to the install techs, payment set up through the customer portal, or you can call the main office                                                   number and set up a credit card or bank draft. If the install is not successful, then you owe nothing.

                    2.  Router Fee:  You will need to determine what size router you will need for your home. Our routers come preset as access                                                points and are configured to our system to be able to be used immediately, once plugged in and ready to go.

                    3.  Prorated internet fee- from the day of install to the last day of the month.

                    4.  Prorated equipment protection plan- from the day of the install to the last day of the month- if applicable.


                                             2-Year Contract - $75 with a $25 CPE Activation Fee - $100 Total
                                             1-Year Contract -$125 with a $25 CPE Activation Fee - $150 Total
                                             No Contract/Month-to-month - $250 with a $25 CPE Activation Fee - $275 Total


                                            A small router covers approximately 1,500 square feet and with taxes costs $64.95.   

                                           A large router covers approximately 2,500 square feet and with taxes costs $119.03.  

                                                                  EQUIPMENT PROTECTION PLAN

We also offer an Equipment Protection Plan for $9.95 per month plus taxes. It covers any damage outside of your control to any of the equipment that we install (CPE antenna on the outside, CAT5 cable, power supply, router). If you get hit by lightning, or a dog chews a cable, we will go out there and replace it free of cost to you.   The Equipment Protection Plan is optional and not required.

If you choose NOT to subscribe to the Equipment Protection Plan, there will be a per service fee added to your bill for all services rendered and needed equipment. 

The following are the prices for any troubleshoots and repairs that may need to be made:

Truck Roll fee- $75.00       Labor- $30.00 an hour with a 2 hour minimum       CPE (outside unit) -$125.00       Router- $64.95 or $119.03 

Power supply, surge arrestor, dongle- $15.00 apiece       CAT 5 Cable- $0.25 a foot.